Study Strategies (00120)
Study Strategies (00120)
This course teaches you how to study efficiently and effectively for the multiple choice (MBE) and the essay portion of the exam.
Outlining Skills (00160)
Outlining Skills (00160)
Outlining is a crucial part of efficient and effective bar exam study. It is an active learning process that helps you understand and retain a large amount of subject matter. This course teaches you how to outline a legal subject.
Stress Management (00170)
Stress Management (00170)
Stress can affect your ability to study, your life outside of studying for the exam, and your performance on the exam itself. Learn how to reduce your level of stress, which will improve your concentration and retention. This leads to improved...
Mindfulness (00175)
Mindfulness (00175)
Clear your mind of clutter before each study session by practicing the mindfulness exercise in this course.
MPRE (900015)
MPRE (900015)
This course will prepare you for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination ("MPRE"). The course provides coverage of the tested subject-matter and includes: 1) Lectures 2) Outline 3) 5 Practice Exams ----

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